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Start Creating Content and Get More Traffic for Your Brand

We are almost getting to the last quarter of 2020 and it was not easy. As the Covid-19 pandemic changed lots of things and our ways of living, many business owners choose to move partially or even entirely of their business online.

The truth is more than 2/3 of Canadians use social media and the number will continue to grow as forecast.

In this article, we’ll show you some tips and steps on how to create content for your socials so that your brand goes further.


1. Know your audience

As a business owner, for sure you know your customer very well. Doing social media marketing is not different than any other marketing activity. The demography of the audience is always the first thing.

It would be easier if your existing customer groups are the same as your online targeted groups. Use indicators such as the age range, location, lifestyle to build a persona that will follow you on social media.

If you are targeting a different kind of audience for your online business, then a throughout research on their behaviour is critically important and should be your first step.


2. Choose the right channel

Once you have built a persona of your social followers, the next step is choosing the right channels. According to Statistics Canada, Facebook and YouTube have the first and the second largest user numbers. So generally speaking, having accounts with these two platforms is a should-do.

It might not be known by lots of people that YouTube has actually become the second largest search engine in North America. We’ve already got used to search for instructions and information on YouTube.

Other than the big two, you should consider one or two more social channels depending on the nature of your business. For small business owners and someone who started social media marketing, it’s a good idea to keep it simple at the beginning. So it won’t be a goal that’s too difficult to achieve.


3. Setup a content plan

Time to take action. You need a plan for all of your social accounts. A well-organized schedule will boost the growth.

There are many great social media schedule tools, such as Hootsuite, Buzzer, Later… Depending on how many accounts you are managing and your budget range.

It is suggested by marketing experts that, for small businesses, 4 posts per day (on each social channel) will be the most efficient solution. Too many posts might push your followers away, yet too few posts may be missed easily.

We listed four main types of posts that work well for us:

  • Leads - Links to your website, your product/service/anything you sell

  • Relevant News - Global phenomenon or local story, news that related to your business/industry

  • Trending Topic - Share your thoughts on trending topics, can be comment, support or criticize

  • Interaction - Polls, quizzes, quotes, interact with your followers/partners or even competitors.


4. Tips for Building Your Brand on Socials

  • Create a special signature/watermark and use it constantly

  • Use a schedule app instead of manually post content

  • Hire a social media marketing specialist to audit your channels once in a while

  • No effort is too small, it’s ok to post short content

  • Have fun with your posts, it’s “social media” after all


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