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Gmail logo just got a new look, and a bunch of haters

Many of us use Google G Suite, especially for small business owners, team leaders, or parents of families. Now Google is making some changes to it and there are a few things we know so far.


Google G Suite is now Google Workspace

Basically, it's a rebranding for G Suite because the apps are our old friends such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.

While Google says Workspace is "G Suite just got better", not all the users think the same way. Actually more people on the internet are criticizing than complimenting.


Workspace App logos are sharing the same color palette

We always agree that consistency will create branding recognition and you can't really go wrong with it. However, for companies like Google who has so many products and offers different services, consistency seems wrong in the logo designs.

Lots of comments mentioned these logos are causing confusion. Now people have to look for the app instead of just take a glance and locate it.


Good design works for the business, great design works for both ends

Personally, I think the new Google Workspace apps logos are good designs, from a design and marketing perspective. Blending all the google colors into the design is a smart move and dramatically increase brand awareness.

But they are just not great designs because they do cause difficulties for users. Graphic designers might know that there is a rule of logo design, which is Do not use more than two colors in a logo. Well, you may say that rules are meant to be broken. But let's be honest, most of the time rules are right.

Sometimes I think Google is caring less and less about their users recently. And it's not only Google, same thing with Apple and other big names who are supposed to put their customers first.

There is an old Chinese saying goes, Small stores treat customers, large stores trick customers. I just hope it won't be used to describe google in the future.

What's your thought on Google Workspace and the new logo designs?


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