Top Brand New Visual

The internet loves rebranding projects, especially for those world-known names. Doesn't matter if you are in the design industry, people are always curious about how much a logo can actually cost.

Many large companies upgraded their branding visuals during 2019. This list highlights some of the brands with their previous & current logo.


In November 2019, Facebook introduced a new company brand. The current corporate logo carries a very clean and modern look. Except Facebook blue, the new logo also has two main color schemes to match WhatsApp green and Instagram chrome.

(Facebook logo in 2015 vs 2019)

Users of WhatsApp and Instagram may have found something new on the landing pages of these two apps.

Mozilla Firefox

Design experts of Ramotion posted the new Firefox logo in June 2019. The updated branding went for simplicity and abstractness. The identical foxy symbol is gone, which brought many critics.

(Firefox logo in 2017 vs 2019)